Evaluate, admire, photograph, and throw away your shoes

Yesterday while my baby slept, I went around the house and gathered up all my shoes. There were some in my bedroom, some in the hall closet and some under the desk and dining room table. I brought them all into one clear space and laid them out in a grid. My objective? Toss my six least-favorite pairs of shoes.

Setting up the grid was satisfying. I was able to see how many shoes I have in the Sneaker category, Dress Up category and Boots category. It was a revelation and quite a trip down memory lane. I picked the worst shoes in each row and moved them to the toss pile. Then I struggled to come up with two more pairs I can do without. I have two pairs of running shoes and I rarely ever run (tossed the pair with the most miles on them).

Dear Clunky Pink Boots (back row) purchased on Haight Street: Alas, I am too old for you. I will miss you. But probably not too often.

The positive outcome is that I fit my remaining shoes into existing storage containers and I was reminded of some great shoes that I had forgotten about.

Confession #1: When my husband got home and I told him what I had done, he said that I had some shoes in the car as well.

Confession #2: I had 34 pairs of shoes, and I counted my husband’s shoes to make sure I was not insane and he had 34 as well. Now I can gloat about having a more streamlined shoe collection.

Confession #3: I took numerous photos of the grid of shoes. I also color-code my books.

What’s stopping you?

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