Everything You Need To Know About The Tinder Of Baby Naming Apps; Our Kinder Review

The process of choosing your baby’s name can be one of the most stressful and time-consuming activities that you go through during, and sometimes after, your pregnancy. Kinder, the new baby naming app is designed to alleviate some of that stress and make choosing a baby name fun!

Instead of purchasing those baby name books or scouring the internet for the newest names, allow Kinder to do all the work. The app is extremely user-friendly and choosing your baby’s name is as easy as a swipe right or left!

Whether you are searching for girl or boy names or even unisex, this app can truly make the process easy. Not sure if the app is right for you? We went ahead and downloaded and reviewed Kinder to give you our perspective to see whether or not it is right for you. 

Getting Started 

When you first download the Kinder baby naming app, you are immediately directed to entering the future ‘last name’ of your baby. After that, you are able to invite your significant other to join in so that you can start looking for names that you both like. I really enjoyed this feature because it keeps both of you on the same page when deciding on names. 

User-Friendly Process

Once you have signed up and invited your partner, you are immediately shown a name to swipe right for “Sounds Good!” or “Nah,” which is then recorded into a “likes” or “dislikes” list for your significant other to review.

In the “likes and dislikes” section there is also a “matches” area, where both you and your partner can view what names you both like and start narrowing down your list. 


This baby naming app also allows you to customize your search through the Kinder name filter. From options on selecting the gender to names that start with a specific letter and max length,  the customization in this app makes it so easy to find the name that you and your family love and can agree on!

Another great feature that this app offers is the ability to add a name you personally found to the list for you and your partner to review. This app truly allows you to make a ‘home base’ for you and your partner to select your child’s future name. 

Premium Extras 

Kinder also has options to purchase and explore additional name sets if you do not find one in what the app offers already. When scrolling through this section, I noticed they have options to purchase Spanish name sets, Thai, Chinese, Hawaiian, and EVEN Mythology, Pokémon, and Lord of the Rings!  


So, what do I really think? Kinder is another amazing app to add to your phone during your pregnancy. It takes the daunting task of choosing your baby’s future name and makes it super fun and enjoyable. I personally wish that I had this app when I was pregnant, it not only would have saved me on the money I spent on baby-naming books, it also would have been a fun activity to do with my Husband. Kinder is free, it’s fun and it truly is a great tool to use when selecting your baby’s name; two thumbs up! 

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Ashland Hendrix from luvashland.com

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