My dear friends with tiny babies, a fact of life that your mom probably did not discuss with you (and here’s why the Internet is so valuable!) is that when you have intercourse after childbirth, it can, uh, hurt. There are a few medical reasons for this, but you can go look them up yourself. My purpose here is to focus on a solution, and that solution is a lubricant intended for vaginal sex.

You can ask your friends for product recommendations (ask your gay male friends, too) or assign your partner the task of buying a few to try out. Every drugstore sells this stuff.

Outing suggestion for the bold among you: pack up your baby and march right in to your local sex shop and demand some focused customer service. Take a picture and call it “Baby’s First Sex Shoppe”.

Be aware that this condition may last weeks, months, or as long as you breastfeed; our private parts all operate a little differently. So stock up.

Sara Holliday, a relationship expert and certified marriage counselor has just come out with some eye-opening tips to get mom’s “mojo” back. Among her tips is, “Use lube! After having a baby your hormones change and you may experience more dryness which can cause slight discomfort. Try using water based lubricants, and communicate with your partner. There are a lot of great products on the market that also help stimulate a woman’s sensitive skin. Take your time and take in the sensations, the feel of his skin, and his scent.”

>Link to Good Vibrations Lube Sampler (pictured above)

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