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I love this rookie year activity for getting together in a social but EASY way: Start a weekly Breakfast Club with other new moms. Gather your girlfriends and take turns at each other’s houses serving breakfast and drinks and allowing the babies to play (or just roll near each other as the case may be).

I tried this when Sawyer was born and enjoyed meeting women I might not otherwise have met. The very first time, I tried to get fancy with some recipes, but nobody really touched the food. All the nice gals brought something and I was left with more food at the end of the brunch. For future meetings together, I put out the word, “Bring something if you can. Or don’t, you just had a baby!” and that worked pretty well.

The babies get to grab and slurp on all new toys, and the mamas can relax and talk with a beverage in one hand. I know of at least one Breakfast Club that’s been going strong for over a year.

Day-old donuts are always welcome


So, your fourteenth rookie mom challenge is to host a breakfast club at your house. Invite some mamas and babies over and eat. Or just serve coffee.

It’s cheap, it’s social, and it’s breakfast — what’s not to love?!!


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Not ready for this yet? Meet your friends at a cafe instead.


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