7 Different ways to throw a wicked good Baby Shower

Thanks to Desitin, my favorite booty cream, for sponsoring today’s post.

If you’re in charge of throwing the perfect baby shower, fear not! There are as many ways to do it ”“ and not screw it up ”“ as there are pregnant ladies. Since every mom-to-be is different, we put together a list of seven non-traditional baby shower ideas we’ve enjoyed with our circle of friends for inspiration. As long as the expectant parents are showered with love, advice, and GIFTS before welcoming the new baby, anything goes.

From casual coed BBQ to hiring a psychic or making goofy face mash-ups we’ve seen it all turn out awesome. Read about our favorites on the Desitin Tumblr! And share your extraordinary ideas in the comments.

Disclosure: We were guest authors on the Desitin Tumblr as part of a sponsored campaign. Big bellies are mine and Whitney’s (or Karen’s pictured above). Opinions are my own: Desitin in the blue box is my favorite diaper cream, for realz.

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