Cosham Birth Centre: New options for women in labour

The Cosham Birth Centre has expanded its services to offer women in labour more choice and flexibility.

The centre, which is part of Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust, now offers a birthing pool and nitrous oxide gas and air as pain relief options, as well as a midwife-led birthing suite.

The new facilities will allow women to give birth in a more comfortable and relaxed environment, with the support of experienced midwives.

The birthing pool is a large, warm pool that women can use to labour in. The water can help to reduce pain and provide a sense of buoyancy, which can make it easier to move around and find a comfortable position.

Nitrous oxide gas and air is a safe and effective pain relief option that can be used during labour. The gas is inhaled through a mask and can help to reduce the intensity of contractions.

The midwife-led birthing suite is a private room where women can labour and give birth with the support of two midwives. The suite is equipped with a birthing bed, a birthing pool, and all the necessary equipment for a safe and comfortable birth.

The expansion of services at the Cosham Birth Centre is part of the trust’s commitment to providing women with a positive and empowering birth experience. The new facilities will help to ensure that women have more choice and flexibility when it comes to their labour and birth.

The Cosham Birth Centre is located at St. Mary’s Hospital in Portsmouth. The centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information, please visit the website:

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