Leave your baby on the floor (AKA tummy time)

Real tummy time means not being afraid to get on the floor!

In the beginning, it always feels a little strange to set your precious bundle in the middle of the floor, but since the best exercise for your baby is back time and tummy time it is important to get used to it! Since I didn’t have any pets or big siblings to worry about, the floor was a pretty safe place for my first baby. Apparently, swings, chairs, and jumpers are for our parental convenience (you know, so we don’t have to lean as far down or keep the floors as clean).

When babies are unencumbered on their backs, they will naturally exercise with killer ab and leg routines. And without the straps of the bouncy chair, the poop is less likely to explode out.

Not convinced yet? Apparently, I’m not just making this up. Pediatric research shows that limiting bucket time (strollers, car seats, swings, etc) is important for cognitive and gross motor development, learn more here!

Pro tip: Throw a blanket down for tummy time, and keep your floors as dirty as you want. We also recommend getting some tummy time toys to keep your little one entertained down there!

Pro tip 2: If you have older kids or pets, the crib can be a safer place for tummy and back workouts (pictured above), as long as you are watching.

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