Pretty Pushers let you BYOLG (Bring your own labor gown)

It is an uncommonly known fact that you can wear whatever you want during labor as long as it doesn’t obstruct your caregiver’s access to your relevant body parts. Regardless, most women wear the standard issue unisex hospital gown that opens in the back. This way, you cannot distinguish a laboring mom-to-be from a psychiatric patient.

Since nothing I’ve bought at Old Navy in the past ten years has offered strategically placed openings for fetal monitors or easy access to my vagina, I’ll assume your wardrobe is equally limited.

Hence, if you want to wear your own garment to give birth, it needs to be specially designed for the task at hand AND disposable. Even if it’s hiked up around your armpits, the stuff that gets on it will probably not wash out. I think you know what I mean.

Pretty Pushers is a line of labor and delivery gowns made of t-shirt material and constructed to allow movement, epidurals, pushing, and post-delivery breastfeeding.

The dresses are also made with as few stitches and seams as possible, so that they are comfortable and eco-friendly.

Who cares what you look like when you give birth? I’m not sure. But if you’re hanging around in a hospital bed for a days-long induction process or just want to post a lot of labor selfies (?) see what Pretty Pushers look like on Amazon.

This mama looks adorable, right? She posted on Instagram “Labor at last with the bossiest little doula in the world!”

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Note: Plain natural-colored cotton is less expensive than all the other options.

This one can be used after delivery as well, if you want a little more coverage for receiving visitors, but still need to nurse and check on an incision or make frequent ice pack changes.

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