Get a pedicure

Your challenge this week is to enjoy a pedicure and report back. This is your eighth challenge.

While your baby is still small enough for the infant carrier, take advantage of your relative “freedom” to get your toenails done. We’ve experimented with many places and techniques and find this to be a favorite outing with (or without!) a baby.

I have done this a number of ways and can honestly recommend them all:

  1. Baby in bucket seat. My mom treated me to a lovely pedicure at a fancy place when Milo was just over a week old. We brought him and he stayed nearby (like baby Scarlett pictured above).
  2. Baby playing nearby. I watched Whitney and her moms group pals getting their toes done up with babies on laps, nearby on blankets on the floor, or being held by the adoring staff.
  3. Baby at home. Alec had a few “training day” moments when I left him alone with a small Holden and a backup bottle of breastmilk. Though I was anxious, we were all fine. Related: Encourage Daddy time and relax already.

Did you complete this challenge? Love it or hate it, tell us how it went:

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