Announce baby’s arrival

If you haven’t gotten around to it already, find a cute picture of the littlest member of your family and send out birth announcements.

From Anne at Sassy Baby Designs, here are a few tips for finding your “inner Anne Geddes” and getting a great announcement-worthy photo:

  1. Go to the craft store and buy a yard or two of black velvet. It is an easy and inexpensive backdrop – no sewing needed.
  2. Make sure the baby (and you) are rested, fed and watered. Everything goes smoothly with a happy baby and mommy. A sleeping baby is more patient than an awake baby and the photos are great.
  3. Dress your baby in neutral colors, but naked babies are always precious.
  4. Turn off the flash and place your baby by a window. Natural light makes for a beautiful photo.

Here are a few different options for showcasing the picture:

  • To save money, we made our announcements using striped card stock and our printer.
  • To save time, for baby #2, I’m hoping to order these announcements from Sassy Baby Designs when I can find a minute to do it.
  • To split the difference, photo sites like Ofoto are somewhere in the middle for both ease and price.

The movie poster-style announcement above is available to order from with your baby’s picture and vital stats. Hella cute.

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