Wellements: Comfort for the tiniest tummies (sponsored)

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My first baby had all sorts of tummy troubles. I struggled daily to make him comfortable, while he tried his best to communicate that his miniature body was not feeling it, often via an Olympic-caliber projectile vomiting session (#mombrag).

From the soothing positions that the doctor suggested to an intepretive dance of jiggling and rhythmic bouncing that would make my lower back cry, I tried it all. I became a pro at pumping his legs and singing good luck songs. After all the shushing and special feeding positions, gripe water was definitely in my rotation of things to help my fussy baby.

I was frustrated. You know that sexist saying, “Happy wife, happy life?” Well, “Screaming baby, insane mom,” is the mantra I’d put on a coffee cup. Intimated by leaving the house, I felt stuck. I worried about being embarrassed and sweaty trying to soothe him with my aerobic jiggling routine.

That’s the shortened version of a long story that has me wishing that Wellements Probiotic Gripe Water was around as an alternative to help him along the path toward less screaming and overall better digestive health.

Since my big boy was a newborn, the word on the street about natural remedies has gone viral, which is a really good thing. We’ve learned that probiotics deliver many health benefits for adults and kids.

Studies show that infants starting probiotics in the first three months of life “appear to have fewer bouts of colic, acid reflux and constipation,” according to Italian researchers. [Source: WebMD] Uhh, that’s awesome!

Allow me to formally introduce Wellements Probiotic Gripe Water, a certified organic and preservative-free remedy to add to your toolkit of colic and upset stomach solutions for newborn babies. Wellements is now available on Amazon and at your local drug stores.

Wellements Probiotic Gripe Water can be used for daily discomforts including upset tummy, gas, colic, hiccups and all-around baby fussiness, plus the probiotics will start your baby on the right track for better overall digestive and immune health. And you know what they say. “Not screaming baby, happy mom!”

Wellements is the only brand offering both gripe water and probiotic benefits in one product. Along with Probiotic Gripe Water, Wellements offers a whole line of infant wellness products from their organic gripe water to teething oil and a constipation relief supplement. Check with your pediatrician if you feel anxious, but know that you’ll find Wellements at Walgreens and it doesn’t need to be prescribed.

Thank you again to Wellements for your sponsorship. Wellements Probiotic Gripe Water is easy to administer and safe for everyday use starting from newborn-plus. If you’d like more information, join the conversation on Facebook.

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