Make a fancy photo book

Just in case you have been crappy about keeping a baby book, photo websites make it super easy to make gorgeous coffee table type albums that will make you look so very together.

When my mom and I took a very special girls trip to Italy to celebrate my 30th birthday (thanks Mom!), I made her a fancy hardback photo book using the iPhoto software right on my computer in about an hour. She loves it and it has a place of honor in her living room. Score!

The cheapest options are about $15 for an 8×8 book with soft pages. The fanciest are so expensive I couldn’t even price with all the bells and whistles. Honestly, you want embossed, engraved, hard-bound with designer review with a new pantone color that you invented? You can probably get that! Here are a few of the many many fancy photo books available from our affiliate Shutterfly:

Photo Book: An Adoption Story – 8×8

Price: $29.99 | Sale: $22.49 | Buy Now on Shutterfly

Baby’s First Year, 8×11 Photo Book

Price: $44.99 | Sale: $37.49 | Buy Now

Modern Baby, 8×11 Photo Book

Price: $134.99 | Sale: $127.49 | Buy Now (dang, I hope it’s hard cover with that price!)

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