Splish Splash! 10 Super Fun Bath Toys for Toddlers

When you have a toddler, bath time suddenly becomes much more fun! Your toddler will suddenly enjoy this part of their daily routine. They can splish splash in the water, enjoy the bubbles, find some new favorite toys, all in addition to learning the basics of personal hygiene. You will want to stock your bath with amusing toys that keep your wiggly toddler’s attention. The top 10 best bath toys for toddlers are toys that are easy to use, easy to maintain and provide entertainment while in the bath. Most bath toys have an aquatic theme, but there are toys that educate as well as entertain.

Squirting Bath Toys for Toddlers

1: Little Squirts Fun Bath Toys

This pack of squirting bath toys is classic! They come in a 10 pack which offers an assortment of under the sea creatures made of durable plastic. Each is capable of holding and squirting water. These toys are a bath time staple because they float, are colorful, and make playing in the bath a little more fun. Here is current pricing!

2: Fishing Floating Squirt Toys

Taking the squirting toys a step further, this Fishing Floating Squirt Toys set turns the bathtub into a pond, lake, or ocean for fishing. The set comes with a water compatible fishing pole, a fishing net, 3 fish, a starfish, and a crab. Toddlers can have fun with each floating toy. They can learn to catch the fish and scoop them with the net. This set even comes with its own storage net for drying and storing toys after each bath, which is one quality mom might enjoy in bath toys even more than toddlers! Check these out here.

Toys to Encourage Learning

3: Bath Letters and Numbers

Another bathtime staple is classic foam letters and numbers. This set includes all 26 letters and 10 numbers in a variety of rainbow colors. Each letter and number can stick to the bathtub wall and float in the water. This is probably the most fun way to learn their letters, numbers, and basic spelling. Buy yours here!

4: Bathtub Crayons and Bath Drops

Let the bathtub become a canvas for your toddler! Crayola has a line of bathtub crayons and bath drops to help add color and creativity to bathtime. Bathtub crayons turn the walls of the tub into a blank space for drawing and coloring while bath drops turn the water fun colors. The crayons are retractable to help them last through multiple baths and the bath drops are available in a large tub to help make bathtime fun regularly. This is a great bath toy for toddlers that will last you a while! Check their pricing here.

5: Little Boat Train

The Little Boat Train by Munchkin is a great toddler bath toy because it’s simple but still fun and entertaining. This boat train is made of up 6 plastic molded boats, each designed to connect to each other with simple hooks. They also hold water. The boats come in 6 different colors, giving an opportunity to learn counting, colors, and coordination. These dry easily after each bath and are a solid durable bath toy. Purchase these here!

Sprinkler and Spray Toys

6: Mini Sprinkler Wall Toy

Toddlers love to move water while in the tub! Toys that allow them to splash, fill, and pour cups allow them to be interactive. This flower pot-themed spinning sprinkler toy gives children a place to pour water and explore how it flows and falls. The toy suctions to the bathtub wall giving it a sturdy base. The water spouts from the top to sprinkle, spin pieces, and fill the bottom. It’s easy to install and remove, allowing you to set it up and take it down as needed. Here is current pricing.

7: Spin and Spout Wall Toy

This toy suctions to the bathtub where the wall meets the floor. This gives it the space to draw water from the tub and then spout it just like a faucet. There’s also a sprinkler component that sprays water from the top of the faucet. It holds cups in the base for pouring and there are gears that suction for use on the wall as well. This brightly colored bath toy makes bathtime more interactive and fun for your toddler. Check it out here!

8: Submarine Spray Station

Another wall-based toy is the Submarine Spray Station. This toy has a submarine that sits under the water in the bath to draw water with a short hose that attaches to a sprayer. This gives children control of the water while in the bath and allows them to spray water into the wall component. There are two openings to spray water into, both of which allow the water to flow down and move gears that spin and a sprinkler on the bottom. This toy turns any bath into a water table and is easy to remove after each bath. Buy your submarine station today!

Toys to Keep Your Toddler’s Attention

9: Musical Bubble Crab

A great toddler bath toy is the Musical Bubble Crab by Frudaca. This toy is a fun red crab that creates bubbles in the bath. The crab itself suctions to the wall of the tub and makes bubbles along with playing music and blowing bubbles into the bath water below. This is a great toddler toy because it lets parents set up the bath beforehand and still gives the toddlers the enjoyment of watching and playing in the bubbles. It’s easy to set up and use, with a convenient on/off switch and a bubble reservoir to use any soap you’d like. Here is current pricing.

10: Light Up Floating Toys

For toddlers who aren’t big on splashing or squirting this 8 piece light up floating toy set is a great investment. Each toy is sealed with a battery and light inside for glowing bathtime fun. Each toy glows in several different colors with 3 different glowing modes. The toys are shaped like ocean creatures and land animals, with a shark, dinosaur, and elephant among others. These are great toys for in and out of the tub and they help make bathtime a little more fun for those that aren’t too interested in the activity. Check it out here!

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