Play in another kind of nursery

Your weekly challenge (Number 22 of 52!) is to enjoy the rainbow of colors at an outdoor plant nursery. Wear your baby so she can see out and touch and listen to the wind chimes on display; tour the orchid hot-house; and watch the koi in the water garden pond (the bright-colored fish swarm up to greet kids because they expect food). A baby carrier is perfect to navigate the tight corners.

In Berkeley, I like the East Bay Nursery for its rows and rows of colorful flowers and funny butterflies. Just watch out for the bees.

This is your 22nd challenge.

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Is your baby too old to be worn around in a baby carrier while you describe the difference between perennials and annuals? Toddlers and preschoolers are ready to “help” plant their own favorite veggies in the backyard.

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[Photo: Deposit Photos/Heather Flett]

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