Convert a regular bra to a nursing bra

DIY Nursing bra conversion kit from etsy

Smart tip from a reader! Leah from Brooklyn, NY says that her local nursing bra store will convert any bra into a nursing bra. It’s a small local store called Your Top Priority. If you buy the bra there, it’s $5.00; if you bring in from elsewhere its $6.50.

Leah says that she shops at a discount place, gets it half price, and takes it there to get fixed up!

So yes, we are saying that your nursing bras can look like your old favorite bra.

When I went back to work as a nursing mom, after my first baby, there was no way I was going to walk into my office without an underwire bra. G cups just need more help than that. Since underwire is not recommended for nursing moms, it was hard to find an underwire bra that made my daily pumping sessions convenient.

I called Nordstrom to ask if they can help with this task and after talking to the lingerie department and the alterations department, I learned that only if you buy your bra at Nordstrom and you pay a $16 alteration fee will they help with the conversion.

Do-it-yourself-ers may be brave enough to snip their old bra strap and attach a clasp. Buy a kit on Etsy or at your fabric store.

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