Screen your baby’s vision

AKA Attend a private puppet show.

Because of a little known program called InfantSEE (a public health initiative spear-headed by former President Carter), Holden’s eyes were checked for major vision problems by a nice person playing with hand puppets and shining lights in his face.

If you ask him, I think he liked it only ok, but I’m telling you that there are at least three good reasons to find a Dr. in your area and go do it:

  1. It’s totally free
  2. It’s an outing for you and baby complete with a light show, puppets, and a professional entertaining her exclusively
  3. And, most important, it will give you peace of mind that her eyes are developing as they should or it will set you on the path to correcting any major vision problems early!

The free program applies to babies from six months to a year in age.

So, now I guess I need to confess that I did this for Holden but didn’t get around to it for Milo… Scarlett, there’s still time for you!

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