Stuff Rookie Moms Should Know About – April 2017 Edition

Some smart designers have caught on to the idea that new moms are taking zillions of photos of their babies laying down.

And here’s what they’ve invented in response. (Some of these are affiliate links.)

Rookie Humans (no relation to Rookie Moms) has designed four different crib sheets that all make adorable backgrounds for whatever pose your baby strikes.

Source: Rookie Humans

Next up, Lulujo is a brand I discovered at the ABC Kids Expo last year. The blankets they make come in a little gift pack that includes a photo-worthy muslin blanket and numbered cards intended to be incorporated in monthly photos.

Lulujo also makes a girly version and a gender-neutral version, all adorable, but I’m digging the black and white so that baby can be dressed in color and be the star of the show.

Kiddo makes this great one with enough space for twins. The idea is that you’d use a prop from around your house (empty picture frame?) to identify the weeks or months you are marking.

Source: Amazon

Using a necklace and a garland as extra props? Smart!

Of course, the whole milestone thing can be handled with an app on your phone. Remember when I wrote about Baby Story app?

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