It Starts With Birth- The Pregnancy App You Need!

Some of us have easy pregnancies that we breeze right through, others of us have pregnancies we’d rather not think about too much. The same thing goes for our journeys through labor, and again through postpartum. There is one thing we all have in common, though. The beautiful, hard, miraculous journey of pregnancy brings us our greatest gift, our children. Whatever your pregnancy journey is like, I think we can all agree the more support you have the better. The It Starts With Birth app can be one important part of this support system. It will help you keep track of the practical things along with the sentimental. 

The Practical Support

There are a lot of things to keep track of during your pregnancy; prenatal vitamins, doctors appointments, baby shower planning, and purchasing everything your newborn will need when they arrive from car seats to diapers. Plus, all of that is doubled with the constant worry about how your little one is developing. It’s a hectic time! 

Kick Counts

One thing that eases a lot of expecting mom’s anxiety is kick counts. Kick counts can show you that your baby is healthy and doing well in your belly. Knowing the average amount that your baby moves around and kicks will help you to notice if there are any sudden changes. It Starts With Birth, will give you daily reminders to check-in and write notes about your baby’s movement. Keep in mind, kick counts are different for everyone but if you have a concern always bring it up with your doctor or midwife! 

Contraction Timer

It Starts With Birth can also be a big help when you go into labor with its easy to use contraction timer. Eliminate a complicated tracking system or trying to keep track of your contractions with a timer. With the app, all you have to do is tap the button when your contraction starts and ends. It also allows you to document intensity. Then, you can easily share what you’ve documented on the app with your care provider. This makes it easy to know when the time comes to go to the hospital or call your care provider. 

Holding onto Your Memories with It Starts With Birth

While it’s easy to get caught up in everything, don’t forget to document this journey. Your body is doing an amazing thing and it’s really something special to be able to look back on the memories of pregnancy. The My Story & Photo Tool allows you to easily journal and document the milestones of your pregnancy. You can also add reminders in about your appointments and events like your gender reveal or baby shower. 

The app can also help you come up with mantras for yourself. Build your inner strength and let that warrior mama out! You already have everything you need to get through the journey of pregnancy, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little reminder. 

This is a pregnancy tool that you don’t want to live without! It is easy to use and completely user friendly because you don’t need any extra stress throughout pregnancy. Click here to download it and be sure to share it with your fellow mamas-to-be.


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