Install a baby swimming pool

Rookie Dad and I enjoyed some relaxing time in our backyard this weekend as Julian was totally occupied with his swimming pool and some plastic mugs and mixing bowls. I highly recommend this activity.

Set up a baby pool in backyard with a few inches of water and some plastic cups. Grab a swim diaper or introduce Junior to the art of skinny dipping. Since you’re a great mom, I don’t need to tell you how closely this activity needs to be supervised.

If you think my son looks like a superhero in this picture, it’s because he is wearing his weird sunsuit (AKA the Supersuit). I am a big fan of this product.

I also want to mention that I followed my own advice, and when my friend Sharon called me from Walgreens to ask if I needed anything, I told her I needed a $10 baby pool. Done.

Let us also mention that where we live, most people don’t have pools.

Amazon has a wide array of inflatable kiddie swimming pools; I also really like the hardside ones because they are easier to dump out and keep from getting all moldy. But just go to your closest CVS or Walgreens and buy a cheap one, eh?

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