52 Project, a weekly photo challenge

the 52 Project was the best thing she did as a new mom.

The motto is “A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in (fill in the year),” and although you might think, aww man, I wish I started this in January, I’d like to remind you that any 52-week period makes up a year. We start school in September, our babies turn new numbers whenever their birthdays are, and we pay taxes in April. Today is just as good a day as any to embrace a new practice.

Lila’s son Grayson is a year old, and she identified one favorite photo of him every week for the year. The project is “hosted” by Jodi, the blogger behind practicingsimplicity, who has a little link widget on her weekly posts so that other participants can share their weekly posts.

this post about the 52 Project, Jodi explains a bit more: it’s about documenting childhood, savoring the short phases, and practicing the art of portrait-taking.

Portraits are about the subject taking center stage, though they don’t have to be head-on. It is about framing the photo intentionally, capturing exactly the aspects you want to capture, rather than a happenstance snapshot.

Project 365, which is not about your child, but about your life, and your point of view. Bonus: there are apps to help you remember to select or take a picture each day to be your Project 365 picture.


[All photos provided by Lila from lingeringdaydreams.com, all rights reserved]

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