Maternity clothes that don’t suck

Aside from seeing my baby bump grow and change each and every week, a favorite part of pregnancy these past 9 months has been dressing my belly.

Showing off my bump has been a fun fashion challenge throughout my pregnancy. From the minute I found out I was pregnant, I was on bump watch – waiting for my belly to finally POP! I think around week 25 –  my bump went from looking like I ate too much lunch to looking like an actual pregnant belly that I could flaunt!

The first time a random stranger asked about my pregnancy, I was so excited to be “showing” I wanted to jump up and down! I made it a priority to purchase clothes that were comfortable, would last throughout the 9 months, and {if possible} were on sale. Maternity clothes paired with {stretchy} non maternity items as well as fun accessories have allowed me to feel excited about dressing my changing body.

Here are my favorite pieces and tricks for finding maternity clothes that don’t suck:

  1. Confidence! I have been ALL about highlighting my bump from the very beginning, as early as possible. I wanted to shout it from the rooftops that I was expecting and didn’t want there to be any confusion about it. The majority of my maternity wardrobe consists of clothes that show off my bump – I have enjoyed wearing fitted tops that flatter my new and expanding form. This tank top from Target with its side ruching has worked for most of my pregnancy and will work post-partum too. I bought it in all three colors!

My favorite Target maternity tank with Oia Jules necklace

  1. Timing is Everything – I live in an area that is home to all 4 seasons, and I have been pregnant during {technically} all of them. Though I only started to really need new clothes for the Fall/Winter months, it was so important to plan ahead while doing my maternity shopping. Since the weather was going to go from mild temperatures to severe winter weather, I have spent the last few months in lots of layers. I made sure to buy maternity clothes with some serious stretch {and length}. During this last month I have found that a few of my favorite pieces no longer cover my belly!

What I wore to my baby shower in Virginia: a Pea in the Pod teal lace dress / BaubleBar necklace / Anthropologie wedges.

What I wore to my baby shower in NJ: a Pea in the Pod leopard print fit & flare / Bridier Baubles necklace / Clarks booties.

  1. Beg & Borrow {Don’t Steal!} – Within minutes of announcing our pregnancy to the world I had messages from new mom friends offering up their maternity wardrobe to share. I said, “YES!” and I was able to get some really great pieces from friends. I can’t wait to pass along the favor once I no longer need my maternity wardrobe.

A favorite Gap maternity tunic  / DuBarry boots worn during our trip to Chile

  1. Shop Smart – Aside from a few key pieces for special events, I did not purchase any maternity clothes unless they were on sale. There were always so many great deals available. Knowing I wouldn’t be be pregnant forever, I didn’t want to spend the money on things I would only wear for a short time.

Cozy sweater borrowed from a friend

  1. Mix & Match – Luckily, my pre-pregnancy style consisted of a lot of loose & flowy tops, tunics and longer sweaters. I have been pleasantly surprised with the amount of clothes I can still manage to work into my outfit rotations that aren’t even maternity. When my belly started to really grow, I went through my closet & packed away everything that would be way too tight/fitted for a growing belly, but kept the rest – it’s been fun to combine some of my old favorites into my wardrobe from time to time.[Editor’s tip: Store your clothes in reverse with the stuff you outgrew first on the bottom of the heap]

Non-maternity jean jacket & leggings paired with a Target maternity top

Non-maternity tunic from Shop Hopes paired with Motherhood Maternity Secret Fit Belly Jeggings

I am going to miss dressing my baby bump for sure once it’s gone, but I also can’t wait to get back into some of my favorite clothes that have been hanging out in my closet for way too long! It will be nice to get my body back but it has been so much amazing watching my body grow these past 9 months – I know at this point we are so ready to meet our little man!

Now it’s your turn:  What are your favorite tips for finding maternity clothes that don’t suck?

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