Here’s Why Your Baby Needs a Magic Sleep Suit

There is such a thing as a magic sleep suit for babies? Yes! There are a lot of sleepsuit options out there, but the Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit is a little different from the rest. Gabriela from our Rookie Mom Squad had the chance to try it out with her baby. Below you will find her thoughts about this popular baby product!

What is a Magic Sleep Suit?

Babies aren’t born knowing how to soothe themselves to sleep. One crucial part of helping your baby get used to sleeping on their own is learning how to dress them properly. It is important that your baby’s sleep clothing keeps them at a comfortable temperature and that they feel secure and cozy.

Sleepsuits and sleep sacks help tremendously with this. Essentially, you use these to help transition out of a swaddle. They keep your baby feeling comfortable and secure. The Rookie Mom Squad has tried tons of them out, but there is something extra special about Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit.

Now that you know exactly what a sleep suit is, check out Gabriela’s review below to find out what sets this one apart from the rest.

Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit Review

What I Loved About This Sleep Suit

My baby seemed to have a hard time being in the big open crib alone. Understandably, this can be intimidating for many little ones! We had always swaddled her, but as she got older she would just wiggle right out. Once this was happening, I knew the swaddle was no longer safe. We tried the Magic Sleep Suit and it seemed to bring her the same secure feeling which helped her make this big transition easily. I could tell she felt snug and secure with the sleep suit was on, but having the ability to move her arms around seemed to help her get comfortable more easily. How can you not love a product that brings your baby comfort? As a mom, this is a top priority!

I also really love the double zipper design of Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit. This makes it easy to get on. This is so important because when we put it on we are in the wind-down part of our routine. It also makes middle of the night diaper changes easy if necessary.

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What I Would Change about Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit

Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit comes in two different materials; cotton and microfleece. Both are really thick which helps to keep your baby feeling secure. However, both materials are pretty warm (especially for us in sunny Southern California!). While this is not a deal breaker, I do recommend you pay attention to what you put under the sleep suit and keep your baby’s nursery at the appropriate temperature.

If your baby is struggling to transition out of the swaddle, I highly recommend checking out this magic sleep suit! It worked wonders in providing my baby comfort and security. The material is thick but still allows your baby enough movement to sleep comfortably.

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