Catching up with Mommy Project SD {Rookie Moms Challenge Queen}

New mom, Kristin Helms, has been knocking it out of the park with her adventures around San Diego with Baby Blake. When we first introduced Kristin, she had already completed six rookie moms challenges. I’m excited to report that she’s tackled more AND she’s become the local ambassador for San Diego Moms’ Night Out.

Since she nervously joined her first group of stranger-mommies for lunch (and then realized it was the wrong day and did it all again the next week), we’ve been so excited to watch her progress.

As she heads toward her first Mother’s Day, we’re raising our BPA-free sippy cups high in her honor. Yay, Kristin!

Kristin’s recent baby-and-mama adventures include:

  1. Plan a Moms’ Night Out: Kristin bravely invited her different circles of mom friends and put on her heels for a night of wine and tapas. The fuzzy photo shows they must’ve been having a blast.

  1. Go out for Just Dessert: You can almost taste the cute at this little cupcake shop! Is that a thing? Well, it is now.

  1. Tackle Baby Rhyme Time at the library: The contradiction between quiet library and boisterous babies is alive and well in San Diego.

  1. Paint your baby’s feet onto pottery: A manageable amount of chaos to create a treasured keepsake at A Colorful Universe. Worth it!

I hope you’re enjoying seeing Kristin take on our #rookiemoms challenges as much as we are. Please let us know if you’re doing them, too! You can tag us on instagram or hashtag us anywhere as #rookiemoms.

[Photos provided by Kristin Helms from Mommy Project SD all rights reserved]

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