Make a flipbook from your videos

When I read about the service,, in Real Simple magazine a few years ago, I fell in love with the idea. During a long nap I had to myself, I hung out on the computer messing with the video clips I have of Julian.

They let you upload a video and then make some selections to customize your flipbook. It costs $6 and apparently the length and format of video you can take on your digital camera is sufficient.

I love this idea as a way to capture physical milestones like sitting up (make sure to end with the falling-over part), clapping, or pulling up to a stand. The resulting flip books I received were small enough for the grandmothers to carry in their purses. Plus it allows them to not only say “how cute is my grandson?” but also “how clever is my [step] daughter [in-law]?”

Some videos that I already had that were  Flipclips-worthy were: bouncing like a crazy man in his Jumparoo (month 7), smiling while swinging at the playground (month 5), playing peekaboo with Ryan’s boxer shorts (month 10).

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