Pregnant Woman Survives After Being Shot in the Head, Doctors Marvel at Her Baby’s Resilience

In a remarkable feat of medical resilience, a pregnant woman survived being shot in the head, and to the astonishment of doctors, her unborn baby was unaffected..

According to a report by, the incident occurred in New Orleans, where 29-year-old Yolanda Qualls was shot multiple times during an altercation outside her apartment on the evening of February 14, 2023. One of the bullets entered her head, causing significant injuries..

Paramedics rushed Qualls to the University Medical Center New Orleans, where neurosurgeons performed emergency surgery to remove a portion of her skull and control the bleeding. The procedure was highly complex, as surgeons had to navigate the delicate area of the brain while ensuring the safety of both mother and child..

Miraculously, Qualls survived the surgery, and her unborn baby, a girl named Za’Niyah, remained unharmed throughout the ordeal. Doctors were amazed by the baby’s resilience, as it is highly unusual for a fetus to survive a gunshot wound to the mother’s head..

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