Is Gwen Stefani Pregnant? The Truth About the Pregnancy Rumors

**Is Gwen Stefani Pregnant? The Truth About the Pregnancy Rumors**.

Gwen Stefani and her husband, Blake Shelton, have been the subject of pregnancy rumors for months. The couple has not confirmed or denied the rumors, but there have been several sightings of Stefani with a noticeable baby bump..

So, is Gwen Stefani pregnant? Here’s a look at the evidence and what the experts are saying..

**The Bump**.

The most obvious sign that Stefani might be pregnant is her baby bump. She has been spotted out and about in recent months with a noticeably larger stomach. In some photos, her bump appears to be quite large, which would suggest that she is in her second or third trimester..

**The Clothes**.

Stefani has also been wearing looser clothing in recent months, which could be another sign that she is pregnant. She has been photographed in flowy dresses and tops that would help to hide a baby bump..

**The Cravings**.

Stefani has reportedly been craving certain foods, which could be another sign of pregnancy. She has been spotted eating pickles and ice cream, which are two common pregnancy cravings..

**The Experts**.

Several experts have weighed in on the pregnancy rumors, and most of them believe that Stefani is likely pregnant. Dr. Jennifer Ashton, a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist, told People magazine that Stefani’s baby bump .

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