5 Nuna Stroller Accessories You Need to Transform Your Stroller

When it comes to strollers, Nuna is above the rest. Their strollers are somewhat of a marvel. Some even claim they practically fold themselves. Designed with the highest safety standards and best quality, these strollers are worth the price tag. If you want a stroller that you will keep for the duration of your child’s stroller years (and any siblings after that), Nuna is the way to go.

However, like everything in this world, nothing is perfect. Nuna’s strollers do not come with everything so we’ve saved you time by listing our top five must-have Nuna stroller accessories. 

5 Nuna Stroller Accessories You Need

1. Cup Holder (for you)

To me, a cup holder is absolutely necessary. It is non-negotiable. I cannot imagine going for a walk without some kind of beverage available right at my fingertips.

My top pick is this Universal Cup Holder with Phone Holder. It is affordably priced and I like the fact that it has multiple uses and can be moved between strollers if you have more than one. Plus, it has little petals to keep your drink secure which comes in handy when walking over bumpy paths.

There are also Nuna cup holders that easily snap right onto your stroller so you can sip and stroll with ease. Just make sure to purchase the option specifically made for your stroller model. They are all dishwasher safe on the top rack, perfect for when you spill or splash your coffee. Most importantly, they hold most standard cup sizes, including a Venti Starbucks.  

Shop the Universal Cup Holder Here

2. Snack Tray

Each Nuna stroller series has a snack tray available, so make sure you purchase the one compatible with your model. They are all the same tray but they attach differently depending on the series. This swivel tray attaches to your stroller and has a compartment for snacks and a cup holder.

This accessory is a must for me because my kids are constantly snacking and asking for drinks. It is also handy to keep small toys such as matchbox cars so your toddler can play. Also, the swivel to have it up or out of the way is a nice touch. 

Shop the Nuna MIXX Snack Tray

3. Rain Cover

If you live in a big city and walk as your commute or are a daily walker in all-weather type, a rain cover is a perfect way to ensure your child is cozy and dry. Worry no more about raincoats, galoshes, and umbrellas. Water-repellent and windproof, the clear wrap-around rain shield easily snaps on and off. Just like the snack tray, make sure you get the rain cover that fits your Nuna model.

The best part of this cover is that it literally covers the entire stroller but comes with a magnetic clip window your child and open and close as needed. 

Shop the Nuna TAVO Rain Cover

4. Sibling Seat

If you have more than one child, the ability to add a sibling seat to your stroller is a blessing. This add-on sibling seat transforms from the classic stroller into a two-seater. This add-on seat comes with all the features of the regular stroller such as a five-point no re-thread harness, SPF 50+ canopy, reclining backrest, adjustable calf support, and removable arm bar. It fits a child up to 50 lbs. Again, make sure you buy the sibling seat that fits your stroller model.

Bonus: the sibling seat is a twin to the main seat so you do not have to worry about which one goes where. Also, the bottom-seated child can see through the stroller and is not just staring at the back of the top seat. 

Shop the Nuna DEMI Grow Sibling Seat

5. Wheeled Travel Bag

If you are a traveler, especially by airplane, or are preparing for a family vacation, the wheeled travel bag is for you! Designed to help keep your stroller safe and clean during travel, its lightweight design allows it to be carried using any of the three handles or pulled behind you like a rolling suitcase. It even has storage pockets for snacks and toys. The greatest part about this stroller travel bag is it fits almost all Nuna products including car seats!

The only drawback is because it is so big that if you are traveling by airplane, this bag has to be checked. In addition, you have to remove the stroller wheels before putting it in but it is a very easy process. 

Shop the Wheeled Travel Bag

Honorable Mention – Sling Bag

While not necessarily a MUST-HAVE, the Nuna sling bag is a splurge I would make every time. It attaches to the push bar of all Nuna models, except the TRVL. The inside has six compartments perfect for your phone, keys, wallet, wipes, and more. Plus, unhook it from the stroller and it becomes a stylish sling bag you can wear.

Made from leather and lightweight, it is perfect for when you do not want to carry around a big diaper bag. 

Shop the Nuna Sling Bag

Nuna’s designs, features, and accessories make their strollers worth the price. Just make sure with whatever accessory you choose, you purchase the version that fits your stroller model. These are typically noted in the title of the item but you can find a list of compatible strollers on every accessory’s product information sheet. Happy strolling! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nuna a luxury brand?

Nuna is a luxury brand. Designed with the highest safety standards and best quality, these strollers are worth the price tag. If you want a stroller that you will keep for the duration of your child’s stroller years (and any siblings after that), Nuna is the way to go.

Is UPPAbaby or Nuna more expensive?

Most UPPAbaby products cost more but do include more accessories and features. Nuna products start off less expensive and you can customize them by adding the accessories you want.

Is the Nuna MIXX worth it?

The Nuna Mixx Next truly is the perfect all-rounder with high-quality touches and the smoothest ride. The luxe features come with a high price tag of around $800, but if these features and compact size are important to you, this is the best compact stroller out there. 

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