Mother’s Pregnancy Mammogram Shows It’s Not Just You Under Your Skin

For the average pregnant person, anticipating the arrival of a new baby involves plenty of preparation. While much is known about fetal development – from the first trimester to labor and delivery – the physical and emotional changes that occur for the person carrying the growing baby can be less widely acknowledged. And yet, there are profound shifts taking place within the body of a pregnant person at every stage of pregnancy.

For some, the most drastic changes are visible. A woman’s belly expands as her uterus grows to accommodate the growing fetus. Other changes can be more subtle or internal, like the hormonal fluctuations that trigger morning sickness during the first trimester or the shift in a person’s center of gravity. Some of the most fascinating changes, however, occur at a cellular level, beyond what the naked eye can see.

Dr. Katherine Hobson, a pathologist at St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor Hospital in Michigan, witnessed one of these awe-inspiring transformations firsthand when she came across an extraordinary mammogram of a pregnant patient. The mammogram, which is typically used to screen for breast cancer, revealed an unexpected and beautiful sight.

In the image, the developing mammary glands, which produce milk for the baby, were clearly visible. They appeared as tiny, bright dots scattered throughout the breast tissue. This was a vivid depiction of nature’s preparation for the upcoming birth and the nourishment of the newborn child.

Dr. Hobson was struck by the beauty and significance of the image and decided to share it on Twitter, where it quickly went viral. She explained in her tweet that the mammogram offered a .

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