UK to ask Microsoft, Google to block ads promoting Russian state media

The UK government is set to ask Microsoft and Google to block advertisements promoting Russian state media outlets, as part of efforts to combat misinformation related to the ongoing war in Ukraine..

According to a report by the Financial Times, the move is part of a wider plan to tackle disinformation and propaganda spread by Russia. The government will reportedly hold talks with the two tech giants in the coming weeks to discuss the proposed measures..

The UK has already taken some steps to restrict Russian state media within its borders. In March, the country banned the broadcasting of the Russian state-owned channels RT and Sputnik on television and radio. The government has also banned Russian news agency RIA Novosti from operating in the UK..

However, the government believes that more needs to be done to combat the spread of Russian propaganda online. Ads promoting Russian state media outlets on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook are likely to be a major target of the new measures..

The move has been welcomed by some experts on disinformation. Ben Nimmo, director of investigations at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, said that blocking ads for Russian state media is a .

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