Pregnancy Mama Goes Viral After Sharing What a Nap Actually Looks Like With a Baby

We’ve all been there. You’re exhausted, you finally get a chance to lay down and close your eyes, and then the chaos begins. Your baby starts crying, the dog barks, your phone won’t stop buzzing, and you’re suddenly wide awake again. If you’re a mom, you know that feeling all too well..

One mom recently went viral on TikTok after sharing what a nap actually looks like with a baby. The video, which has been viewed over 2 million times, shows the mom, identified as @heidiliesi, lying in bed with her baby on her chest. The baby is sleeping soundly, but the mom is wide awake with her eyes open and staring at the ceiling..

The video has resonated with a lot of parents, who have shared their own experiences of trying to nap with a baby..


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