Rajnath Singh: Matriculation Not Mandatory for Army Recruitment

**Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh announced that matriculation (10th-grade) education will no longer be a requirement for joining the Indian Army. This decision is a significant shift in the army’s recruitment policy and is aimed at expanding the pool of eligible candidates and making the army more inclusive.**

**Addressing a gathering of ex-servicemen in Lucknow, Singh stated that the army will now focus on assessing a candidate’s physical fitness, medical eligibility, and aptitude for the job, rather than their educational qualifications.**

**Previously, candidates were required to have passed their matriculation examination or its equivalent to be eligible for recruitment into the army. This requirement has been a barrier for many potential recruits, particularly those from rural and underprivileged backgrounds who may not have had access to quality education.**

**Under the new policy, candidates will be recruited based on their performance in a common entrance exam, physical fitness test, and medical examination. This approach will provide an equal opportunity for all aspiring soldiers, regardless of their educational background.**

**The decision has been welcomed by experts and military veterans, who believe that it will lead to a more diverse and representative army. It is expected to attract candidates from all walks of life, including those from rural areas, tribal communities, and underprivileged sections of society.**

**The Indian Army is one of the largest standing armies in the world, with over 1.3 million active personnel. It plays a crucial role in safeguarding the country’s borders and maintaining internal security.**

**By removing the matriculation requirement, the army is opening up its doors to a wider pool of potential recruits and ensuring that the best candidates are selected for the job.**

**The new recruitment policy is a positive step towards making the army more inclusive and representative of the diverse population of India. It will also help to address the shortage of personnel faced by the army in recent years.**

**In addition to the announcement regarding the matriculation requirement, Singh also touched upon other issues affecting ex-servicemen, including pension and welfare schemes. He assured them that the government is committed to addressing their concerns and providing them with the support they deserve.**

**The Indian Army’s decision to remove the matriculation requirement is a significant development that will have a far-reaching impact on the recruitment process. It is a testament to the army’s commitment to inclusivity and meritocracy, and it will undoubtedly lead to a more diverse and capable fighting force.**.

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