10 Clever Tooth Fairy Ideas (# 3 You Have to See)

For kids, losing their first tooth is a rite of passage. Not only do they get to show off to their friends and younger siblings, but they also get to experience the Tooth Fairy for the first time. Since these visits will be limited, both by a finite number of teeth and by how long your child believes, it’s fun to make Tooth Fairy visits as special as possible.

If you’re feeling the pressure and you aren’t sure what type of tradition you want to start, check out the list below of ten clever Tooth Fairy Ideas to create lasting memories for your child.

The cutest toothless smile.

1. Create a Glitter Path to Light the Tooth Fairy’s Way

Many kids worry that the Tooth Fairy won’t know where to find them – especially if it’s her first visit. S, why not leave her a path? Glitter can be a fun way to help her make her way to your house.

Sprinkle a bit on your lawn and on your child’s windowsill so the moonlight will create a sparkling path for the Tooth Fairy’s visit. Using a non-toxic option ensures pets and outdoor critters won’t suffer any ill effects either.

2. Create ‘Magic Money’

While most kids are content to receive any amount of money, in coins or bills, they might be expecting it to look a bit different than “normal” money. Glitter comes to the rescue here once again – simply spray a bit of glitter hairspray onto the money before leaving it for your child to find.

There are lots of brands of glitter hairspray available, but Jerome Russell and Rock the Locks are both cost-effective options that are safe if they happen to get on your child’s skin, too.

3. Fairy-Sized Notes

Would your child be dazzled by a letter from the tooth fairy left behind? Create a tiny, fairy-sized note and envelope by cutting them with paper and painstakingly writing in your tiniest script. You can also find lots of tiny Tooth Fairy note offerings on Etsy, like this one or this one.

Notes add a personal touch, plus a bit of magic, to your child’s first Tooth Fairy experience, in particular. You can add a little fairy dust to make it even more magical.

4. Origami Dollar Bills

If glitter strikes you as too messy (understandable!), make the Tooth Fairy’s money special in a different way: fancy folding. The experts at Origami Tree provide a tutorial on folding a dollar bill into a tooth shape, but if that’s a little too on-the-nose for you, you can find many simple origami shapes to impress your kiddo.

5. Provide a ‘Tooth Care Kit’

Tooth care kit is one of my personal favorite tooth fairy ideas.

The tooth fairy certainly cares about how well your child is caring for his or her teeth, right? Play it up with one of these tooth fairy ideas by leaving money and a Tooth Care Kit, too. You can include a travel-size tube of toothpaste, a new toothbrush and dental floss.

You might even leave behind a special tooth pouch or box that your child can use to keep subsequent lost teeth safe before the Tooth Fairy’s arrival.

6. Fairy Coins

Leaving behind real, spendable money seems to be a Tooth Fairy prerequisite, but it’s fun to add a bit of Tooth Fairy money, too! Fun Gold Coins with a fairy likeness like these or these are adorable ways to add a touch of magic – and a keepsake – to the experience. Just be sure to buy in bulk so you’ll never be without one when you need it!

7. Install a Tooth Fairy Door

Help your child make a special addition to their bedroom with a tiny Tooth Fairy-sized door. You can make your own if you’re the DIY type – or if your kiddo is keen to help – but you can grab this award-winning fairy door that’s easy to install.

It’s magical, so only fairies can open and close it, and it provides a great way to create a feeling of connection between your child and their late-night fairy friend.

8. Leave a Tooth Fairy Book

For a first visit, you can make it extra special by having the Tooth Fairy leave behind a book about her legend. Two popular options with positive Amazon reviews are What Does the Tooth Fairy Do With Our Teeth? and You Think it’s Easy Being the Tooth Fairy?

There are lots of options out there, including those that discuss lesser-known Tooth Fairy traditions from around the world, so do a bit of shopping around to find the right one for your first-timer.

9. Start a Collection

If your kiddo is into keepsakes and collectibles, consider having the Tooth Fairy leaving a new item for each lost tooth. The term ‘collectibles’ often makes people think of expensive purchases, but they don’t have to be. These adorable Japanese IWAKO erasers are a cost-effective option, or it could be something they’re already into like Hatchimals CollEGGtibles or Matchbox cars.

10. Color-Changing Potion

Kids are enthralled with the idea of magic, so let the Tooth Fairy show off a bit! Leave a glass of water beside you child’s bed, with the tooth inside. Once your kiddo is asleep, grab the tooth and use food coloring to color the water the same color as the Tooth Fairy’s dress that night, so it can change with each tooth your child loses.

Bonus: this is much easier than sneaking a tooth out from underneath a sleeping child’s pillow – especially if they’re a light sleeper!

A Note to Parents (Some tips)

Don’t stress about it + Some excuses if you forget

Don’t feel pressure to do something extravagant and don’t stress out if you forget. These tooth fairy ideas are just here to inspire some creativity. Added pressure is not what us mamas need.

You know how many times I have made excuses for my the tooth fairy not showing up for one of my 5 kids, too many to count.

I have blamed the tooth fairy not showing up on:

  • The Rain
  • The Wind
  • My child not going to bed early enough
  • My child losing their tooth to late in the day

How not to forget (set an alarm)

I am not going to lie here, my husband is a lot better at the tooth fairy thing than I am. He sets an alarm on his iPhone for early in the morning labeled (FT) (tooth fairy initials backwards) and then does the tooth fairy task then.

Once again, there are so many ways to make all of the special moments of your child’s life even more memorable, but it can be a lot for a busy parent to commit to. If you’re feeling the pressure to make this experience magical, remember that you don’t have to do it all.

Choosing just one of the Tooth Fairy ideas will or one you envision yourself – is sure to help your child create happy memories around this special life experience!

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