Best Overnight Diapers for your Child to prevent wet beds.

Mornings are hard enough. I don’t know about you, but I know that my baby having a soggy leaky diaper is the very last thing that I want to wake up to. Not to mention what a pain middle of the night changings can be if the diaper leaks. Changing the baby and the sheets at 3 am is simply awful. To prevent these unfortunate events from unfolding, you are going to need to find the perfect fit overnight diaper for your baby. You might be a little unsure how to tell if your baby really needs an overnight diaper. If your baby is waking up multiple times in the night with a diaper that’s been wet through, it’s probably time to give something else a try, like one of the best overnight diapers we have listed below.

Having a dry diaper will likely keep them from waking up so many times throughout the night and lead you both to a better sleep schedule! Of course, this whole overnight diaper thing does not apply to newborns. They really do not need absorbent diapers while they are still so young and waking up frequently throughout the night to be both fed and changed.

Best Overnight Diapers for your little one to prevent wet beds.

What’s the Point of Overnight Diapers?

Babies wake up throughout the night for all sorts of reasons, but if you feel like you have done everything you can to make them comfortable and they still can’t seem to stay asleep it may be their diaper that’s the root of the problem. It’s possible that the diapers you use during the day just don’t hold enough. An overnight diaper is more absorbent meaning your baby will stay comfortable and asleep.

What to Look For

Materials it is Made of

Over the last few years, it has become a concern of many parents that diapers may contain chemicals harmful to our babies. If this is a concern of yours, just make sure to check what your diapers are made up of. There’s plenty of natural diaper brands, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to find an overnight diaper you feel comfortable with.

Is it Absorbent?

Cha-Ching! This is obviously the number one thing you are looking for the best overnight diaper to do well. The whole point is to keep your little one feeling dry. The most absorbent diapers have many layers, an extra absorbent core, and often times a water absorbent chemical. Don’t let this worry you too much, just make sure the inner layer of your diaper which actually touches your baby’s skin is made of a safe, soft material.

What’s the Cost?

I know you want your sleep and you want your baby to be comfortable, but don’t break the bank on overnight diapers. Overnight diapers are going to cost a little bit more than your average pack of diapers, but you won’t go through them as quickly so it should even out.

What Fit is Best?

I’ll say it just one more time, this whole thing is about making your baby as comfortable as possible. Being soggy is one problem and having a diaper that does not fit as another. You will want to ensure the leg openings and waist are stretchy and flexible.

Stick to Your Brand

Just because your diapers have not been making it through the night like you would like them to, does not mean you should abandon your daytime favorite. Instead, look for the nighttime version of these same diapers. You probably already know your baby is comfortable in them and does not develop a rash as a result of them, making this a smooth transition.

A Great Solution

Before we jump into overnight diapers, one of my favorite items to use is Sposie Booster Pads – These Little inserts are amazing and can be used with any diaper and can easily solve your ovenright leaks issue. They have 5 stars with over 2,000 reviews on Amazon for a reason. You can check out my full review here.  They are available pretty much everywhere but I usually find it cheapest on Amazon. Check Current Prices Here

Best Overnight Diapers

Huggies Overnites

Huggies are already a go to brand because they are so dependable, and the same dependability applies to their overnites. In fact, they are probably the diaper that can hold the most liquid all while staying securely on your little one. They are specially made to prevent leaks but to also keep your baby from getting a diaper rash. Check current prices here!

Honest Overnights

Honest diapers have quickly become a favorite for new parents for being all natural, hypoallergenic, made sustainably, and let’s be honest super cute. Their overnight diapers stay true to all of this. They are 20% more absorbent than regular Honest diapers and made to fit snug but comfy. Check current prices here!

Luvs Ultra Leakguard

Luvs is not only affordable, but offers a money back guarantee if you do not like their product. So try them out for basically no risk! Click here to find out how that all works. You might not even need to worry about that though, because these do make for a great overnight diaper. Check current prices here!

Pampers Baby Dry

Pampers Baby Dry diapers are actually pretty affordable, so they are a great option if you just want to give this overnight thing a try. They have 3 layers and contain a gel that turns into little magic absorbing beads. One of the reasons these are a favorite is how soft and flexible they are. Check current prices here!

Pampers Swaddlers Overnight

Like all Swaddlers, these diapers are blanket soft. Their built to have a wider absorption area than previous Pampers overnight options and a gel like material to absorb moisture. One big plus is that they have a wetness indicator, which is a blue line that appears when the diaper is wet. Check current prices here!

Babyganics Ultra Absorbent Diapers

This is another brand that strives to create organic diapers and uses all natural materials, but while doing this Babyganics also manages to keep the cost of their diapers on the lower end. They do prevent leakage well and if you want to see them in action check out this great review from Baby Swag by clicking here. Check current prices here!

Bamboo Nature

I know all you hippie mamas are already liking the sound of these diapers. Let me tell you, me too! They are literally made completely natural from the pulp of bamboo, which happens to be very absorbent. Just make sure to size up because they do run a little small. Check current prices here!

Seventh Generation Overnight Diapers

These are the only diapers on this list that are disposable but also biodegradable, meaning you can feel good about how you are affecting the environment. They are composed of all natural materials making them perfect for babies with sensitive skin. They do absorb more than a normal diaper, but they are not the most absorbent on this list. Check current prices here!

BumGenius Freetime – Best Cloth Option!

There are plenty of options for moms who are worried about harsh chemicals in disposable diapers. BumGenius is one of these incredible options. You might not think of cloth diapers as being super absorbent, but this one is and it has a outer cover that is leak proof. It’s also easily adjustable so it can grow with your baby up to 35 lbs. To top it all off, you can feel like a super mom for not contributing any more diapers to the landfill. Check current prices here!

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