Thrift your heart out

Dutch from Sweet Juniper is psyched about passing on his love for thrift stores to toddler Juniper. His recommended outing sounds best for a toddler who will truly enjoy the piles of broken baby dolls, rusty toy cars and weird furniture that a thrift store has to offer.

(photo: Sweet Juniper in a thrifted outfit)

If you are all about the 80s, vintage dresses, and velour, venture out to a thrift store, and bring baby with you.

We tried it when we had two toddlers and Holden really enjoyed hiding among the dusty clothing racks while Julian pushed the laundry baskets of books from here to there over and over. The store we tackled didn’t have much for kids but as we left we saw a trendy mom pushing a happy baby in a stroller with a Goodwill bag over her arm. Did she read my mind and know about this outing already? Did she find board books for $0.25? We didn’t. But we will try again in a sketchier neighborhood next time.

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