Stockpile cookie dough balls to bake a cookie (or three)

When Whitney was a brand-new-rookie-mom, I brought over a half-cooked lasagne and a carton of cookie dough balls from a specialty deli. I thought I was pretty darn smart. Unlike most other things I thought I knew before having a baby of my own, I was right about the cookies! You can bake them one (or two) at a time and have a freshly baked dessert 20 minutes after the mood strikes.

And now, they’re at grocery stores. Yay! See how happy I am?

In the interest of full disclosure, Alec and I have also discovered the almost-as-easy DIY version and we keep our homemade dough balls in the freezer all the time. A few weeks ago while our babies were sleeping, we:

  1. whipped up a full batch of our favorite chocolate chip cookies
  2. baked two hot cookies as a reward while we did the rest of the work
  3. formed the rest into cookie shapes on a cookie sheet (as close together as you can get ’em)
  4. froze the little cookie dough wads

In the morning, we took our frozen cookie dough wads and put them in a large freezer ziplock labeled with the correct baking temp and time. Add about 2 minutes to the baking time for frozen cookie dough.

If you don’t care about a hot fresh cookie every night — I don’t understand you, but — we have many other fun + useful projects for parents in our makin it series.

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