Best Postpartum Underwear – 10 Great Options + Things You Should Know

And on today’s edition of things you definitely never thought about before you were pregnant; the best postpartum underwear! That’s right, you won’t be sliding right back into your pre-pregnancy panties. You and your body worked so hard creating your precious new baby, and after giving birth you are going to need to give yourself a little extra care to stay comfortable and happy.

Cesarean or vaginal birth moms will both need to look into postpartum underwear to keep things all good down there. Below are the best postpartum panties on the market now, plus a few tips for new moms!

How to Choose the Best Underwear for Postpartum

Decide on Your Postpartum Underwear Material

  • Postpartum Mesh Underwear– You will likely find this material in disposable pairs of underwear. While it isn’t the strongest, you do not need it to last for very long. It’s extremely breathable which is one of the most important factors.
  • Microfiber– Microfiber is a bit of a stronger material than mesh and it is very absorbent.
  • Cotton– This is the go-to comfy material for underwear, making it a great choice for postpartum. Your skin won’t be irritated by it and it’s still breathable like the others.
  • Spandex– If you are going to want some compression from your postpartum underwear, you will want to go with spandex.
  • Silicone Panel– Some postpartum underwear has a silicone panel to help soothe C-section scars or to create a pocket that can hold an ice pack.
  • Disposable– You are going to have enough laundry on your hands, so going with disposable underwear for your first days postpartum can be a good choice!

Choose Your Style

There is really no right or wrong here. There are multiple types of underwear for postpartum. Your choice should be more about what you feel most comfortable in! Below are the most common options and highest rated postpartum underwear.

  • Full Briefs
  • Compression
  • Low Rise
  • C-Section Specific

Best Postpartum Underwear

Kindred Bravely High-Waisted Postpartum Recovery Panties – Rookie Mom Favorite!

Kindred Bravely has long been at the top of our list of favorite nursing bras because of their amazing comfort, and now we have discovered how great their Postpartum Recovery Panties are as well!

You won’t have to sacrifice comfort or style with these ultra-soft, high-waisted recovery panties. They are a must-pack for your hospital bag! These underwear can be used for vaginal delivery, post-op, or C-section recovery.

The postpartum underwear is made of ultra-stretchy fabric that sits above your waist (or C-section incision) and naturally conforms to your changing body. A perfect transition from your mesh hospital underwear, these panties offer plenty of room for pads, and the wide, lace waist won’t rub or dig in. 

Shop Here!

Intimate Portal Under the Bump Maternity Bikini Panties – Top Rated Reviews!

No one said that postpartum panties couldn’t be pretty! While many of postpartum panties are high waisted, these post-pregnancy underwear sit right under your bump (because yes you will still have one for a bit) and they come in multiple feminine colors with lace. They are great if you have had a vaginal delivery, but stray away from them if you have a C-section because they won’t protect your healing scar.

Check out their amazing reviews on Amazon – Over 5,000 Reviews and 4.5 Stars!

Available on Amazon

Knix Leakproof Undies

Every postpartum mom needs a few pairs of Knix undies in their drawer. Knix Leakproof underwear can absorb up to 3 tsp of liquid, then you just throw them in the wash and they are as good as new. They are perfect for backup protection on heavy days or on their own on lighter days.

They are also a great option if you are dealing with bladder leaks while you re-strengthen your pelvic floor.

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Frida Mom Disposable Postpartum Underwear

Frida Mom knows what they are doing when it comes to all things postpartum! These disposable postpartum underwear are super stretchy and breathable, but unlike the pair the hospital gives you they aren’t see through or uncomfortable. The full coverage boy brief cut is also great for wearing around the house (team no pants!) in those first few days.

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Target Ingrid & Isabel Postpartum Belly Support Undies

These postpartum underwear are like a hug for your tummy, providing just enough support. They are made of a super stretchy moisture-wicking fabric.

Available at Target

Women Mesh Holes Breathable Leakproof Period Panties

If you are worried about leaks, these panties will give you a little extra protection with their inner leak-proof lining. They come in an assortment of colors and are made of a combination of spandex, nylon, and cotton.

Available on Amazon

Women Comfort Cotton Stretch Classic Briefs

These comfy black panties will give you the full coverage you need after giving birth. Many moms say they are a perfect fit and really great quality. They are super stretchy which is perfect for the changing body of a new mom.

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Always Discreet Incontinence Underwear

When you picture that aisle in your favorite grocery store (or more likely Target) that carries everything you need for your dreaded time of month there is probably one brand that stands out in your imagination. I know for me that brand is Always. They have my trust. Now they have come up with a disposable postpartum underwear option that has a built-in pad and odor protection.

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Here’s Why You Need Postpartum Underwear

Postpartum underwear is designed to keep this messy and sometimes sore time in your life a little easier. Whether it is postpartum bleeding or just simply soreness, normal panties will likely not provide the same kind of help or be gentle enough for you post-delivery.

You will want to find underwear that provides you with support and protection that will be comfortable for your postpartum body and won’t irritate you while healing. You will also want to look for underwear that is breathable because this is what prevents infection. Breathable underwear will keep your vaginal area dry and give air to wounds that are still healing.

If you are in need of a some-more relief, check out our DIY padsicles. They are a lifesaver! Plus, check out postpartum girdles or belly wraps to help with your comfort level. 

Ok mamas, I hope our breakdown of the best postpartum panties will help you find the right pair for you! There are many great postpartum underwear options out there that will provide you a little extra comfort and support on this journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best underwear for postpartum?

Overall Best Postpartum Underwear- Kindred Bravely High-Waisted Postpartum Recovery Panties
Best Disposable Underwear- Frida Mom Disposable Postpartum Underwear
Best Under the Bump Panties- Intimate Portal Under the Bump Maternity Bikini Panties

Do I need to buy postpartum underwear?

Whether it is postpartum bleeding or just simply soreness, normal panties will likely not provide the same kind of help or be gentle enough for you post-delivery. Postpartum underwear will make this part of your journey a little easier.

Does the hospital give you mesh underwear?

In almost all cases, the hospital will provide you with mesh underwear. While these are helpful in the first few days, you will want a thinner and more comfortable pair for the weeks to follow.

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