Camouflage your baby bangs with felt hair clips

You know how you start losing your hair from about 3 months to 6 months postpartum? Then they grow back in like teeny tiny doll hairs; those new mini hairs are your baby bangs.

If you’re a baby-girl-mom, you might already be experimenting with hair accessories for the little one, but baby-boy-mamas, we deserve fun hair clippies too!

I love wearing hairclips and can remember picking up the habit when I was a new mom. For one, wearing a little flowery big was a spot of fun above my enormous breasts and saggy belly (“look into my eyes people and stop staring at the jugs!”). Plus I convinced myself the barrette made my baby bangs look intentional.

Felt flower hair clips by Swanky Bambino

These felt hair clips by Swanky Bambino are handmade in Oakland, CA for $4 a pop. I purchased a few for my own stocking last Christmas (at a sample sale at Studio Grow) and have gotten many compliments. I recently found their website and ordered four more (for less than $20 including shipping. Yeehaw!).

I tried to find a few pictures of me wearing these hair clips or other similar hair clippies. Unfortunately, I’m almost always wielding the camera, and when I take self-portraits, you can’t really see how cool the hair clips are (just a goofy smooshed-face grin taken from up above to make my chin look defined). So, here’s another reminder to get in the picture yourself! (I think if you watch any of our recent TV spots, I’m wearing one.)

There are a few other hair solutions I’ve tried for camouflaging baby bangs: the headscarf and wearing sunglasses as a headband (but you can really only get away with that in the summer, ya know?).

I’m open to any other hacks and tips for solving this problem with a little flair.

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