Fantastic things to plaster with a baby photo

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Yes, you have facebook and instagram for showing off the little one’s mug, but how about an actual mug?! Trust me, sometime in the not so distant future, you will appreciate the coasters and luggage tags you’ve personalized even more once that flipping chunky baby face has slimmed down. Grandparents, too, wish they had a collage shower curtain but don’t know how to ask you for the hi-res files.

Circle Monogram Collage Shower Curtain | Price: $79.99 | Sale: $55.99 | Buy Now

By about seven months old your baby is irresistibly cute, right? Consider putting your favorite photographs on something silly and commemorative. There are some seriously hilarious things you can slap a picture on that I couldn’t help myself but gather a few of my favorites. When in doubt, notecards make great thank you notes, invitations, or announcements.

Pictured above from our affiliate Shutterfly:

  • Note cards (you pick the message)
  • Memory game — add all the cousins!
  • Mug with optional monogram
  • iPad case
  • Device charger (also with optional monogram)
  • Luggage tag — now on super sale!
  • Happy birthday plate

In addition to these faves from Shutterfly, there are also clever photo gifts to be had all around the internets, here are a few other treasures:

  • Get stickers, keychains, golf towels, or a deck of playing cards made at
  • Find pillowcases or candy tins at

So many good ideas! And one of them will make the perfect Auntie or grandparent gift. Am I right?

Pro tip: Shop around and use coupon codes. Shhh, but sometimes you can fill up your virtual shopping cart then abandon it to see if the coupon codes will come to you through email.

Once upon a time I would have told you to resist the urge to make a giant blanket out of your tiny baby’s face. Now I can’t decide. Love or shove on the giant blanket or shower curtain?

What other fun and silly things have you seen, bought, or drunk from?

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