Baby food blooper

While Heather was keeping her current pregnancy secret from me, she started paying heightened attention to products for young babies in a way that didn’t tip me off, due to our jobs as “mommy bloggers.” I thought she was just trying to keep up with changing trends and technologies for parents. When she accepted a Baby Bullet baby food-making machine for review, I did think it was a little weird because it’s the type of thing that takes up space in your house.

It comes with all these awesome accessories, so there’s an element of “How can I resist?” Agreed?

And so we embarked on a collaborative baby food making session to put this thing to the test in my kitchen. Having both made our own baby food in the past (but apparently using different methods) we didn’t really correct each other as we went along, leading to a bunch of assumptions and flawed methods, each of us assuming the other person knew what she was doing.

This moment was the highlight. Heather thought she was about to give a convincing demonstration of how the device is used. I cleaned up my kitchen for the occasion.


Thanks to Baby Bullet for sending their awesome baby food making kit to Heather so that she can feed her baby freshly pureed fruits and veggies. We believe the splattering was user error and not a flaw in the product.

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