It’s a boy… probably!

Do you believe in ultrasounds? If so, you can keep all your girl names because we’re expecting another boy.

Personally, I’m a little skeptical of gender-prediction based on ultrasound because I’ve heard one too many stories of families expecting a girl (with a full-on pink nursery and wardrobe) only to be greeted by a boy who was shy during his prenatal scans.

We’re surprised and delighted to be welcoming another boy into our family. He has two adoring brothers and a houseful of fun toys waiting for him.

In the next few months, I’ll be looking for tips and tricks from experienced moms of lots of boys to see what I can learn. I may also need to join or start a club for outnumbered mamas.

Have you heard of an ultrasound suggesting one gender and the baby arrived as the other? What happened to the parents?

ps Apologies if you find the ultrasound picture a little creepy. Be thankful I didn’t show the “I’m a boy” version!

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