Recipe for totally non-toxic finger paint?

Hi there fellow parents! Do you have a recipe for totally non-toxic finger paint you’re willing to share? One that you’d use with a baby or very young clueless toddler?

I went to a charming local art studio (warning: annoying music if you click!) with Sawyer and we played with some infant-friendly paints. He loved it, I loved it. I asked for the recipe and was told, “[The recipes are] intellectual properties, and as such cannot be shared with the general public.” I understand.

Of course I could google a thousand recipes and test them all, but that would take a really long time. Eventually, Sawyer would grow up and stop licking his hands while painting. I trust you guys. So please share any concoctions that you’ve actually used with success in this age range. Bonus points for ingredients I actually have in my home.

Thanks so much! If we’re lucky, the wisdom will be in the comments.

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