5 Tips for Helping Support Kids Health + Our Favorite Multivitamin

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As a mom, keeping your little one happy and healthy is of utmost importance. While it is of course important to keep them healthy, it takes a little extra thought and attention

Below are the 5 rituals we practice in our household to help support our health. We wash our hands frequently and correctly, make sure to get our sleep in, eat healthy foods, spend time outdoors daily, and most importantly we all take our Ritual multivitamins.*

1. Give them Ritual’s Essential for Kids Multivitamins

Taking a multivitamin can be an important part of your child’s daily routine to help fill the gaps in their diet. When it comes to helping support my daughter’s health, Ritual is the brand I trust above all others!

I have been taking Ritual’s Essential for Women Multivitamin and loving it, so I was really excited to learn they had a new option for kids! They make a sugar-free gummy multivitamin for kids 4-12 years old that is jam-packed full of goodness. We are more than happy to say goodbye to vitamins filled with sugar and ingredients that don’t need to be there. Below is a little bit of what I have learned about these multivitamins!

They Contain Incredible Traceable Ingredients

In this little multivitamin you are actually getting 3-in-1; a daily multivitamin, vegan Omega-3 DHA, and a good source of fiber per serving.* Here is what the nutrients in Ritual kid’s multivitamin helps support:

  • Normal immune function*
  • Brain health*
  • Bone health*
  • Digestive health*

Ritual’s Essential for Kids 4+ multivitamin includes traceable ingredients so that you can know what you are putting into your little one’s body. You can find where each ingredient is sourced from on their website, how they are made, and what some of the nutrient benefits are.*

Vitamin A Vitamin D Vitamin C
Vitamin E Folate Vitamin B12
Zinc Choline Iodine
Omega-3 DHA Vitamin K2 Fiber & Prebiotic Blend

My Child Actually Enjoys Taking Them!

You’re probably thinking that with all those ingredients that there is no way these vitamins taste good and will go down without complaint from your kiddo. However, Ritual actually made these with picky eaters in mind. They have a natural citrus-berry flavor that comes from lemon oil and raspberry extract. Plus, they are sweetened with monk fruit.

Our daughter had no complaints about taking them, and this girl speaks her mind so I have no doubt she would have told me if she didn’t like them!

Taking a Multivitamin Can Help Your Little One Learn About Making Healthy Choices

Besides the good taste, I made sure to have a chat with my daughter about why taking vitamins is important. I think it is so important to talk with our kiddos about making healthy choices and it helps her to understand why I ask her to take them.

We talked about how these multivitamins don’t contain dyes or synthetic fillers, which we try to avoid in our household in general. We also talked about how they are vegan-friendly, which my daughter and I both found pretty awesome. I love having these little discussions with her and helping to build good lifelong habits!

2. Teach Your Child Proper Hand Washing Skills

Why is that teaching your kid something is always so much harder than it sounds? Trust me, I get it, teaching kids proper hygiene is no walk in the park but it is so important! Along with taking our vitamins, we all learned how important it is to wash our hands in 2020, and if you are anything like me it was probably a little shocking to take account of how often you had skipped over these things before.

4 Steps to Hand Washing

When it comes to teaching your child these steps, the best way is to show them by example. They will learn the proper technique as well as the importance of handwashing by watching you. Talk to your little one about the when and why to help them understand a little better.

You should also make sure they can easily reach the sink and provide a stool if necessary. Letting them pick out the soap of their choice and singing songs to make the 20 seconds go by quickly will help make the whole process more fun for your kiddo!

According to the CDC, you must follow the steps listed below to properly wash your hands (CDC, 2020):

  • Wet your hands with warm water
  • Apply soap and lather by rubbing your hands together with the soap
  • Scrub your hands for a full 20 seconds
  • Rinse your hands under the clean warm water

3. Make Sure to Keep Bedtime Consistent Through the Holidays

It’s okay to bend the rules a bit during the holidays (like sneaking sweets and staying up late to open presents), but your entire family will stay healthier if you keep your usual bedtime routine and get plenty of sleep. While you’re snoozing, your body works on building up the things it needs to fight infection and illness.

So, how much sleep is enough sleep? According to health.gov, your toddler needs between 11-14 hours of sleep, your preschooler needs 10-13 hours, and school-aged children need 9-12 hours.

4. Incorporate Healthy Foods

Ritual Multivitamins were formulated to help support key nutrients where lacking, but it is still extremely important to get healthy foods into that little body! A couple of foods that are nutritious include citrus fruits (like grapefruit, oranges, and clementines), red bell peppers, broccoli, spinach, turmeric, almonds, and even chicken!*

Here are a couple of healthy meal ideas that you can sneak healthy food into for little ones;

  • Pasta with Marinara: Pick out some fun shaped noodles and blend in veggies like spinach, garlic, and red peppers to pump it up with extra veggies.
  • Mac N Cheese: What kid doesn’t love a bowl of yummy cheesy macaroni? Sprinkle in a little turmeric, stir it up, and your little one will never know the difference.
  • Smoothies: I love to add a little spinach to our berry smoothies and the whole family still loves them!
  • Sheet Pan Fajitas: Throw some sliced chicken, onion, garlic, and chopped bell peppers onto a sheet pan, sprinkle with taco seasoning, and throw it in the oven. Voila, you have a delicious and nutritious meal!

5. Get Outside & in the Sun

Grab your coats and rain boots, just because it is winter doesn’t mean you need to stay inside! Vitamin D is very important. You can still enjoy time outside in the backyard or walking through the neighborhood. Be sure to take advantage of the sunnier days by heading out to your local park! We love to gather up our 3 dogs and go on a walk daily once the kids wrap up virtual schooling.

If you are more of an inside person, no worries! Ritual multivitamins for kids contain Vitamin D3 and can help support where they are lacking.*

What steps do you plan on taking to help support your little one’s health? I really love that through all the chaos of homeschooling and keeping the kids entertained at home, I can follow these 5 simple steps and feel confident that I am giving them a great foundation of health.

I especially love that I can count on Ritual’s Essential for Kids 4+ multivitamins to provide my youngest daughter with key nutrients she might not be getting enough of from her diet alone. I know what nutrients are included, she loves the taste, and it is so simple to add into our daily routine by taking it at the end of breakfast.*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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