Make a conversation heart

‘member those candy hearts that say “Me Too” or “Love Ya”? They’re called conversation hearts. A few years ago, Rookie Moms reader, Veronica, suggested that we use our babies to make cards with this Valentine’s Day theme for our family members this year:

Pay homage to the throwback days when you made Valentine’s for every kid in the class! Have baby pose with a cut-out construction heart and matching attire. Once you have a keeper, use Photoshop or your favorite scrapbook program to add fun, quirky sayings to the “conversation” heart!

Be creative and come up with one for everybody on your recipient list! You can send it as an email attachment or have them printed as a 4×6 picture at your local photo center for an instant keepsake!

I just read that the new conversation hearts say “text me” and “tweet me”. Sigh.

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