5 Best Options for a Lululemon Diaper Bag

It’s like having your little action comedy while you’re out and about with a baby: Before she starts sobbing, will you be able to use one hand to find a clean pacifier? Is it possible to change your baby without allowing the baby’s diaper bag or the gas station bathroom’s filthy floor to touch after folding the changing table? Luckily, having the right baby gear will transform you into a hero in virtually every circumstance.

Even on short commutes to the food store, you have to get a convenient spot to store all your baby wipes, diapers, wipes, and other necessities that babies need. As a result, you will need a diaper bag, and a lululemon diaper bag may be the best choice!

Essential Diaper Bag Features to Look For

Several handbags, and backpacks, can be used as diaper bags, including lululemon bags. Although Lululemon doesn’t produce diaper bags, they offer some excellent alternatives. Some parents use the bags they already own and only buy a  diaper bag organizer to provide more pockets and organization. So even the most economical parents would agree that a diaper bag is a great investment. The question is, what should you look for when buying a diaper bag?

Pockets for organization

Parents must put a lot of thought into planning when they take their infants out. Babies require a lot of stuff to make them comfortable and happy because they are pretty high-maintenance creatures. In addition to bringing enough diapers and wipes, you must pack many baby toys and supplies.

Not to mention supplies like towels, pacifiers, trash bags, and a tiny wash basin. Organization space should therefore be a key feature if it’s your first time buying the bag. Large amounts of gear should fit in the bag without getting crowded or untidy.

Easy to organize

The diaper bag should not only have a ton of storage but also be simple to organize. Keep in mind that you’ll be packing a lot of items. If your diaper bag lacks the proper divisions, it won’t take long for it to become unorganized and unkempt.

So, if you’re interested in obtaining a diaper bag, ensure that it includes the appropriate pockets and compartments for your baby’s necessities. The pockets ought to be wide and simple to open. But once closed, they ought to be securely fastened. You don’t want any unexpected spills when you go for a walk. Additionally, it should be simple to learn and organize the compartments.

Ergonomically designed

A diaper bag you select has to be very ergonomically designed. You shouldn’t buy a bag that is cumbersome to carry. Keep in mind that you could have to carry the backpack for several hours. Therefore if it is of poor quality, it might be very uncomfortable for you. Much worse, it might even lead to the development of recurring shoulder and back issues. This is a terrible situation because you must always give your baby attention.

You should therefore do your homework before making a diaper bag purchase. Check out reviews of baby products to determine which brands have the finest ergonomic designs. Remember that diaper carriers could be costly, so you should shop around before spending money on one.


All these elements are necessary, but durability should be your primary concern since diaper bags are subject to a lot of wear and tear. They get dirty, spit on, and have things spilled on them.

These bags are also crammed with many infant necessities. Thus, if your diaper bag isn’t strong, it will probably rip quickly. This might be a major inconvenience if you are taking your youngster for a stroll in the park. Unexpectedly, your diaper bag breaks, leaving you in the uncomfortable situation of having to pick up diapers and other baby supplies off the floor while attempting to keep your child from getting away.

Therefore, you should ensure that the diaper bag is of the best quality before choosing it. Some diaper bags might be costly, but only because they are constructed from higher-quality fabrics and will last considerably longer.

Easy to clean and wipe

Your diaper bags are subject to getting dirty. Keep in mind that you will be packing a bag full of items. Most of this is baby food, which occasionally might break or spill inside the bag. Additionally, you might need to put dirty bibs and blankets inside the bag.

There will inevitably be times when the bag gets dirty or smells. Therefore, consider a diaper bag that is as easy to wipe or wash while making your selection. It ought to be formed of durable but hygienic material. The straps and pockets should be simple to clean, and there shouldn’t be many tight spaces or crevices because those things could make cleaning much more difficult.


When you take the infant outside, keep in mind that you’ll need to bring a lot of milk. Most babies prefer to ingest warm milk, so get a diaper bag with adequate insulation. Warm goods will be able to stay warm, while cool things will stay cold in well-insulated bags. You may feed the infant with this feature with little hassle or work.

Stroller clip

If you’re going to be in an urban setting, you’ll need this more than usual. However, short or long straps that have been properly adjusted can also work. You might not have to worry about this if your stroller has a big enough basket.

5 Best Options for a Lululemon Diaper Bag

Although Lululemon doesn’t promote any of its bags as diaper bags, there are a few that are AMAZING for new moms! These bags include:

Utilitarian Tote Bag

The tote succeeds in function and style because of its diaper-bag-that-doesn’t-look-like-a-diaper-bag design, huge, open storage area, and one-shoulder carry. It’s ideal for parents who prefer the appearance of a conventional bag or desire a diaper bag that can double as both a work bag and a laptop bag. Furthermore, the tote has enough room for everything you’ll need to spend a day out with the baby.

A tote’s vast, functional storage capacity, one of its best features, makes it simple for objects to go misplaced and sink to the bottom of the bag. It can be frustrating when attempting to locate the pacifier for your cranky infant quickly. Any compact, detachable organizers are an excellent solution to this problem. Additionally, keep in mind that totes typically lack a cross-body strap, so there is always a potential that your bag will fall off your shoulder.

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City Adventure Backpack

This backpack’s gorgeous feature is that it comes in different sizes, including:

  • 3-liter City Adventure Backpack
  • 11-liter City Adventure Backpack
  • 20-liter City Adventure Backpack
  • Nano City Adventure Backpack

The Nano won’t store anything more than pacifiers, teethers, and some munchies. Nevertheless, it would be a sweet possible addition to the Festival bag or Everywhere Belt bag!

We would also suggest avoiding the 3L in favor of the 11L or 20L since we assume you want a little extra space if you’re looking for a backpack.

To give you a sense of the size, The Small form Fawn Design is a 9L diaper bag. As a new parent, this offers just enough capacity to pack your newborn’s necessities.

Although you prefer the 11L City Adventure size backpack, you can also opt for the 20L bag as it has enough space to pack all that you may need.

For parents who frequently travel or take their kids on outdoor experiences, a 20L Lululemon diaper bag is an option that you can consider. Both sizes are fantastic for larger families with several kids and newborn babies!

You’ll have plenty of space for extra clothes, diapers, and other supplies you need to tag along.

The bigger size also includes space for a sizable wet bag.

Each component—mesh, liner, and body—comprises polyester.

This choice is ideal for:

  • Newborn infants
  • Big households with several children
  • When taking children
  • Daylong excursions
  • Stroller tours of the city
  • Families who use cloth diapers
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Everywhere Belt Bags

I always go with this.

It is incredibly simple to wipe with a baby wipe because the mesh, liner, and body are all made of 100% recycled nylon and 100% polyester.

This bag is big enough to accommodate everything you want to pack, even if you have twins. You can therefore find space to squeeze the following items into the compact waist pack:

  • Two nappies
  • Roughly ten wipes
  • Two pouches with handles
  • Wallet, keys and phone

You can use this diaper bag for different destinations. However, it is best for nearby destinations. Thus you can carry it when going for a walk or just taking a stroll to the nearest supermarket or grocery store. 

Before leaving the house, make sure that you change your baby just before you leave since it makes it easier to change her on the move.

With a baby, We realize that’s easier said than done, so I advise using this bag for infants 6 months and older. Alternatively, you can use this lululemon diaper bag for babies who have started taking solid foods.

The greatest people to buy this Lululemon baby bag  are:

  • Older infants
  • Light travelers for short travels 
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All-Night Festival Bag

This bag is a terrific option if you enjoy carrying purses.

It’s simple to clean, and you can only use baby wipes to wipe. Besides, it has plenty of room for items you could require while traveling.

100% nylon makes up the exterior material, while 100% polyester makes up the lining.

You may have:

  • Many diapers
  • Baby wipes in their entirety, spare clothing (s)
  • Compressible pouches
  • Teethers skeys
  • Wallet sphone

For infants 3 months and older who have more consistent mealtime, napping, and diaper-changing patterns, it’s fantastic.

Mothers who mix driving and walking to their destinations will find the Festival bag a fantastic transitional bag.

The greatest people to buy this Lululemon baby bag for are:

  • Babies older than three months
  • Tiny households with a few children
  • Moderately light packers
  • Mothers who go on extended day vacations and prefer a more feminine purse-style diaper bag
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Clean Line Tote

We previously had a more conventional diaper bag tote that we didn’t like because it had different organization pockets, and it was challenging to locate anything. We then came across this spacious tote: if you are looking for pocket-friendly and big enough to throw poop-blowout garments, this is it.   It’s inexpensive, lightweight, waterproof, strong, and simple to clean. And it works well. You can ultimately bring this along on any outings, along with diapers. You can also pack your diaper cream, wipes, additional clothing, bottles, and toys.

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