Maternity 3.0: the stuff I kept

Last summer — a few months before we decided to try for another baby — we cleared out the last of our baby gear. I donated 2 cribs, a toddler bed, a full maternity wardrobe, and a pile of strollers. Ahh, what a nice feeling to purge the closets and shed of unused stuff.

Until I got knocked up and totally need want all that stuff again. Wah.

Digging a little deeper into my storage nooks, I found few random odds and ends. So, here’s a short list of what I kept — even when I thought I gave it all away — and why:

1. Pack n play: I love the idea of little babies visiting with their tired parents so we can share dinner or the evening playing games. We kept the pack-n-play to give those visiting tiny people a place to rest. Times used for that purpose, zero.

Since we have not yet decided if we’re going to pony up for a real crib this time around, it may serve a big job as primary sleep place.

2. My brest friend: I kept this baby’s-first-month-lifesaver nestled in a closet on a hanger for more than six years. It was right between the bridesmaid dress I wore at Whitney’s wedding and a suit my mom had in the seventies. No wonder I never found it during the big cleanup. I’ll be happy to wear it around for a few weeks and then pass it on.

3. Dwarfland: This adorable playmat seemed to have such future potential for big kids and their little toy vehicles, but it was smooshed behind our living room chair so it never fulfilled that destiny. I’m looking forward to giving it a third life with a drooling-tummy-time-needing bambino.

4. Our fancy glider: Whitney might find them overrated, but I like the glider. I got it as a hand-me-down six years ago so the price was perfect. After its primary role in breastfeeding support, I enjoyed it for reading goodnight stories. Just recently, we moved story time to the bunk beds when my sons got too wide and the books got too narrow for my arms.

5. Breast pump: The same awesome chick who gave me her glider gave me a second-hand Medela Pump in Style. Still in the shed. Need some new bottles and tubing and I’ll be good to go.

6. Snoogle: As one of my few big splurges for Pregnancy #2, I did not want to part with my comfy pregnancy pillow. The Snoogle kicks butt for getting in a decent sleep position (even if husbands HATE it). I loaned it out to Stefania when she was pregnant, and she returned it. Bless her.

Do you cling to any baby or maternity things even though you’re “totally done” just in case you aren’t? Or have you discovered any hidden treasures that you assumed were long gone?

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