Favorite ride-on toys for toddlers and wobblers

I gave Julian this Radio Flyer “bike” on the morning of his first birthday, because he had just started walking and it fulfilled my fantasy of the stylish, classic gifts I would be giving him throughout his childhood. Now he wants nothing but Pokemon cards and Webkinz, which was not in my dreamy vision of parenting a little boy, but I am still adjusting that vision on a daily basis.

We asked you guys on Facebook which ride-on toys you like for inside the house. It seemed a useful brainstorm as we head into the season of long indoor play sessions. A ride-on toy is sort of my favorite big gift for baby’s first Christmas — or second Christmas — depending on how young your baby is on Christmas.

Here are some of the picks from readers. I’m giving you the product name so you can look for it on Craig’s List, but I’m linking to Amazon for your shopping convenience.

The Pewi Ride On Toy and Walking Buddy by Ybike. Works on carpet as well as smooth floors.

Gobble and Go Hippo for riding, pushing, and putting blocks inside.

Cozy Coupe which also comes in a pastel color scheme and a third option which is hot pink with glitter, natch.

Fisher Price Tough Trike which comes in many flavors: Diego, Barbie, Dora, Harley-Davidson, as well as regular primary colors.

The Wheely Bug was named by several of you, and I happened to notice this adorable picture of Rebecca Woolf‘s twins on their bugs on Instagram this week.

The Wheely bug comes as a cow, mouse, and ladybug too

The Scuttlebug comes in ladybug, bumble bee, and dragon-fly designs.

Svan Wave scooter was suggested with the comment “Totally don’ t have to hide it when company comes.”

I personally think this is beautiful, but I’d love to hear a debate about whether this non-kidcentric aesthetic is sort of a middle finger to little kids or if perhaps the Dora Tough Trike is a middle finger to parents.

Which of these ride-on toys do you find most compelling?

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