Get on the dance floor at Baby Loves Disco

Last year, Heather and I had the pleasure of teaming up with Baby Loves Disco, the providers of kid-friendly dance parties around the country. They had a 10-day mini-tour in the Bay Area and we hit two of the parties in partnership with our hyperlocal blog, for East Bay parents.

When our first babes were about two, we went to the San Francisco execution of Baby Loves Disco and had a rockin’ good time. This outing is best for kids 0-6 whose parents miss their nightlife and want to dance. Kids who fear noise and crowds may be overwhelmed.

Here’s what to expect:

Your local night club or community center will be taken over by parents, toddlers, hula hoops, bubbles, and dancey dance music. Not only is there a live DJ on the stage, but two entertainers are engaging the crowd with interactive dance games. The perimeter of the room is filled with sponsors (like us) who are providing hands-on activities (hair color, mini-manicures, face painting) and product samples, ie snacks.

Also, non-walking humans are free.

Is this year’s tour coming to your city? Los Angeles, Philly, San Francisco, and Chicago moms, your dates are booked. Check the schedule >

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