Best, easy baby photo series yet

To create this very easy baby photo series, I made onesies to represent his age. Baby Laz is wearing a dot for each month of his age (1 dot = 1 month old, get it?) and laying around on their coordinated rug from Crate and Barrel and relaxing on the living room chair.

Click to enlarge because, so cute.

This is how I did it:

Starting with blank Gerber onesies, I used Marvy Uchida fabric markers. (Both from Amazon.) I just freehand drew the circles. It’s permanent so I can save the onesies for the next kid. I edited the photos in iPhoto so they’d be kind of the same size.

Next time I’d try to do him closer to birth for the first one, with a blank onesie, but not sure how realistic that would be. I plan to do it for at least a year, maybe longer if he will put up with it! Obviously will be more dramatic as he gets bigger and bigger but I still can’t believe how skinny his legs were at 1 month!!

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Have you done any clever photo series to show your baby’s growth? We’d love to see them. Tag us at #rookiemoms on instagram.

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