Trick baby into napping

When Holden was six months old, we were still doing about 3 to 4 naps each day. But once in a while, Holden would have an I-hate-Mondays and I-won’t-nap-for-you protest thing. After the requisite nap routine (dim lights, cuddle, story, milk), fussing, talking, diaper “situations”, I often gave up and played with him for a bit. But I still had REST on the brain.

Poor little guy, he thinks we’re gonna play

When it was clear to me that he was still sleepy — like every time — I would try the stealth-swing nap move (in total violation of our established nap procedures):

  1. Put him in the swing like he’s going to play
  2. Turn on lights and music to hypnotize us both
  3. Give him toy to hold onto (optional, since he grabbed the rings on swing)
  4. Darken room lights, tip-toe away, hide in another room

The swing pictured is a portable swing that can easily go from room to room (or even pack up on a visit). It’s pretty handy. Whitney loaned me hers and I kept it forever. We also love the side-to-side swing it for front to back and side to side swinging action. Don’t be afraid to find these used on Craig’s list.

For other tips on gear to get and gear to borrow, see our super practical Rookie Moms’ nursery list.

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