Treat Mama to a Little Luxury- Our Mother’s Day Favorites

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Mamas make the world go round, and they often deserve more credit than they get. Mother’s Day is the one day of the year that you can really take the time to let the moms in your life know how much they mean to you and show them they are appreciated. Of course, there is no better way to show a mom you care than by gifting her a little bit of luxury. We’ve pulled together a Mother’s Day Gift Guide full of items that will make her feel like she’s being pampered. Just don’t forget to remind her to take some time for self-care, too! 

Our Mother’s Day Favorites

Sleep Mantra Pillow Cases from California Design Den

100% pure silk pillowcases from Sleep Mantra at fraction of retail store prices”¦ I’m in! Silk pillowcases have been super popular this year. They are recommended by dermatologists and beauty experts for flawless skin, great hair, and ultimate beauty sleep. These pure silk cases come in 10+ colors and have the highest grade which makes them machine washable and easy to care at home.

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Cosy House Collection:

You’ve never experienced sleep so good – these Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheets will have you saying goodbye to night sweats & recoup sleep you never knew you were missing (and as mamas we miss A LOT of sleep!). The bamboo blend makes these sheets naturally temperature regulating. They are also anti-bacterial & hypoallergenic so you can sleep uninterrupted. 

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Mom Bomb:

Moms don’t get a lot of alone time, so when they do get the rare moment you want to be sure they’re prepared for maximum relaxation. The gift set includes what they need to do just that! It comes with four 5-ounce ultra lush bath bombs nestled in a beautiful keepsake box, tied with a satin ribbon. Each bath bomb exuded the scents of mint, pine and a touch of honey to give you the aromatherapy you crave.

This is like giving the gift of a spa in one little box. Plus, they are ALL NATURAL ”“ the bath bombs are handmade in the USA with all-natural ingredients, organic Argan Oil, natural essential oil blends, and other vegan, cruelty-free ingredients. Each bath bomb is made with the most luxurious essential oil blends and other high-quality ingredients. They won’t stain the tub! They just fizz and dissolve in seconds leaving your skin soft and moisturized.

New Medical:

For a lot of moms, the sensitivity of their c-section scar lingers. NewGel+ silicone gel strips provide a cushioning layer between you and clothing that rubs and irritates your scar. This will help mamas get out of granny panties and back to themselves. They also help to improve the appearance of the scar by softening, flattening, and reducing redness.

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GemSpa by Kathy Ireland makes cleaning and sanitizing mom’s jewelry simple and easy.  Jewelry doesn’t get old, it gets dirty and loses its sparkle. Give mom professional jewelry store results in the comfort of her home! The GemSpa keeps jewelry safe turning a $1000 dishwasher into a $1000 jewelry sanitizing machine. Not only will her jewelry shine, but the GemSpa also kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses keeping her safe.

Give mom the gift of sparkling clean and sanitized jewelry this year!

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I Love My Nighty:

I Love My Nighty delivers the ultimate relaxation experience with chic nightgowns and loungewear separates designed to make any mama look and feel beautiful in the comfort of home. Their styles feature special details like luxuriously soft, eco-friendly TENCELâ„¢ and pockets. It’s the perfect gift for Mother’s Day! Pair it with a relaxing cup of tea and tell mom to take a night off in her new cozy loungewear!

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BabyBuddha knows just how busy being a new mom can be. That’s why they designed the BabyBuddha pump to free your hands and enhance your productivity. Simply hang the compact pump around your neck using the lanyard and gain the freedom to multitask. This little device is a savior for new moms!

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Famokids believe in the power of a not only a happy baby but also a happy mama. Just because you have children doesn’t mean your living space needs to look like a daycare service. Famokids is helping moms take back their adult living rooms by putting a modern twist on baby play mats, with an innovative design that complements any aesthetically conscious family home.

While some will see it as eye-pleasing decor, their Crystal Collection designs are meant to bring calming zen into your chaotic parenting world. It’s time to give mom a beautiful and peaceful corner for her inner peace. More than anything, we value the health of our kids. This is why Famokids created products that are 100% toxic-free and comply with safety standards worldwide. The multifunctional play mat is easy to wipe clean, customizable to fit your space, portable to bring on trips, and storable to save space.

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The world might be a little crazy right now, but we can still celebrate Mother’s Day in a big way! Grab mom one of these gifts to make her feel pampered, make some of her favorite foods, and just spend all day showing her she is loved and appreciated. 


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